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Presented as part of the month-long Campaign for Creosote
Part of the Campaign for Creosote | Photo: ©2018 Robin Kobaly

The Wondrous World of Creosote: A presentation by Robin Kobaly

Do you love creosote?

If you don't, we think you will after you hear the incredible stories about this plant's past, present and future. You might not know about the mystery, the medicine, the magic, the lore, the ancient history, the coveted uses, the intriguing aroma, and the vital importance of this common plant of southwest deserts...but if you do know these captivating backstories, you likely already love creosote the way we do.

If you want to know more...join us at Cactus Mart for an enlightening talk by Robin Kobaly, botanist and Executive Director of The SummerTree Institute, for a fun hour-and-a-half presentation filled with facts, feats, and true stories about Creosote. This is the first time this lecture has been presented, and it includes personal experiences Robin has shared with prominent botanists who made ground-breaking research discoveries about this ancient plant.

Creosote has been revered by indigenous peoples for thousands of years, but now, we barely give it a second thought, and regularly remove every plant off desert lands during development, not realizing the asset these valuable plants offer to each parcel of land they have called home for eons.

We invite you to attend this fun presentation – to make YOU a fan of this ancient desert plant that gives so many gifts to each one of its neighbors, from wildlife and pollinators to the entire landscape, to humans, and to our precious air quality.

Cactus Mart will have locally-grown, locally-sourced creosote plants at the event, ready for adoption into YOUR yard. These potted creosotes were lovingly grown by the Mojave Desert Land Trust from seed collected locally, so they are perfectly adapted to our climate and soils.

Seating is outdoors under shade; bring a hat and water. $10 Donation (includes handouts). Preregistration required. Hosted by Cactus Mart and The SummerTree Institute.