Cactus Mart

Photo by Ashley LaPrade

Event Planning

Cactus Mart is available to help you plan arrangements and workshops for the perfect wedding or party.

Desire a succulent bouquet for your special day? Does your table require a centerpiece that will wow your guests? Want to host a workshop for friends in your business or home? Cactus Mart can add a lot beauty to any event.


A smiling bride holding a bouquet of succulents

Photo by Ashley LaPrade.

Succulents are the perfect addition to any bouquet arrangement for several reasons. After the wedding, the happy couple can plant the succulents from their bouquet! Eventually, the succulents will bloom flowers. A bouquet that gives flowers after the wedding almost sounds too good to be true.


A boutonniere being applied to a groom wearing a bolo tie

No wedding, party, or prom is complete without a boutonniere. We can customize the look to any way you desire. We can even make it out of cactus if you wish! Get the perfect match with a bouquet for that match made in heaven.


Succulents neatly arranged in a table centerpiece

At any event, a table centerpiece is sure to impress all of your friends and family. The best part is that the plants in the centerpiece can be given as gifts as a perfect lasting reminder that your guests can add to their own garden.

Traveling Terrariums

Guests of an event are participating in a terrarium workshop

Looking to entice customers into your business? Hosting a party at your house and wanting to try something new? Host Cactus Mart's Traveling Terrariums today! Our expert plant designers and gurus can teach you how to create everything from terrariums to various arrangements. It is the perfect way to add a little uniqueness to any event.


Give the gift of a flowering succulent to a loved one!

Photo by Ashley LaPrade

A bouquet of succulents
A cake garnished with succulents
A bouquet made from flowers and succulents standing in front of a cactus plant
A wooden wedding arch covered in beautiful desert themed flowers
A bouquet made from succulents and bright yellow flowers
A wedding arch covered in beautiful desert themed flowers
A terrarium bowl filled with white rocks and succulents

Photo by Sage & Swan

A bride with a succulent and prickly pear fruit bouquet
A tall white cake lined with succulents and pink flowers

Photo by Sage & Swan

A unique table centerpiece with blooming succulents
A bride holding a bouquet made from succulents, bright yellow flowers, and copper wire

Photo by Sage & Swan

A gypsy bride lounging with a succulent bouguet at the Mojave Sands Motel
A succulent bouquet with pink roses
A succulent terrarium being prepped at a workshop

Photo by Sage & Swan

A bridal table centerpiece made with succulents and amethyst crystals
A bouquet made from succulents and pink flowers
A cactus plant being prepped for a terrarium at a workshop
A table centerpiece made from succulents