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See our compiled list of questions that are frequently asked of Cactus Mart so that we can better help you with your question!

Do you carry more than just cacti?

Of course! We're famous for our cacti, but we also carry other plants such as succulents, trees, shrubs, and more. We also carry souvenirs, gifts, shirts, hats, books, artwork, pottery, snacks, and a whole lot more!

Do you carry Teddy Bear Cholla?

Yes! We carry the very same friendly looking cacti that can be found in Joshua Tree National Park.

Can I bring my kids?

Sure! I would strongly advise that all parents keep their children under their watchful eye because our pokey prickly plants pack a punch.

Who are Butch & Sundance, Thelma & Louise, and Shawnee & Blackfoot?

Butch & Sundance are our cat mascots. Thelma & Louise are our younger goats. Shawnee & Blackfoot are the older goats. We also have quite a few chickens.

Can I bring my dog?

Butch & Sundance, our cat mascots, are very nervous around dogs. However, there is a doggy waiting area so that your pooch can wait while you shop.

Do you carry food?

On some weekends, Martha is on hand preparing authentic Frybread Tacos and other amazing native delicacies. We also carry snacks in the boutique.

Do you carry souvenirs?


Do you accept checks/credit cards?

We accept credit cards, but unfortunately we do not accept checks.

How many varieties of cacti do you carry?

About 52 varieties and growing!

Can you deliver cacti to England/Tokyo/Senegal?

There are many factors to consider that vary based on location, but we will definitely look into it!

Will this place make me Instagram famous?

Yes, but results may vary.

I am a wanderlust seeking refuge. Can one find meaning and purpose at Cactus Mart?

Depends on if you value the karmic rewards one is granted from planting your very own desert cottonwood.

Did I just witness a propane tank fly over your wall?

Probably, but don't worry. That's just Sue. The tanks are empty and we're pretty sure she's training for a rodeo.