Cactus Mart


The Cactus Mart garden selection contains a wide variety of native and exotic plants that will suit any of your landscaping and decorative needs.

Need help choosing the perfect plant? Looking for inspiration with your landscape design? Making the switch to a drought tolerant garden? Cactus Mart is here to help you with your selections.


Bright red flowers on a cactus plant

Cacti are what we are known for and we have one of the best selections available. As members of the Cactaceae families, cacti are unique plants for many reasons. They can be grown for their ornamental look, for the fruit they produce, and for the ability to thrive in harsh environments. Cactus Mart regularly has a selection of prickly pear, cholla, saguaro, golden torch, and more.


A variety of succulents arranged on a table

Succulents are a wonderful ornate plant that comes in many shapes and forms. Otherwise known as fat plants, the succulent stores water to survive the arid regions of our planet. Succulents also have the added advantage of being difficult to succumb to negligence making them a perfect plant for the beginner gardener.


Trees arranged in rows in the yard

The trees at Cactus Mart are the perfect addition to any landscape. Cold hardy and capable of surviving dry environments, our trees are adapted to the many harsh microclimates in California. From cottonwood to pepper trees, our trees are diverse and can compliment any of your design needs. They are also perfect for adding much needed shade to help our animal friends.

Landscape Design

Landscape design set up for a local resident

Looking for the perfect landscape design for your yard? Cactus Mart can help! If you're looking for the best options for your design, bring in some photos of your yard. We can help provide the best look and feel to your design. We can also set you up with the perfect irrigation system and maintenance regimen to help keep your yard looking beautiful all year long.

Wholly Guacamole

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Dig Your Own

Tiny potted cacti

Have you ever wanted to dig your own cactus? Started decades ago as a roadside attraction, the Dig Your Own cactus bar is a fun way to experience Cactus Mart! For beginners or long time fans of cacti, anyone can dig their own cactus. The best part is that the cost starts at only 59¢!


Baker creek seed packets in a basket

Looking to start a vegetable garden? Well we've got the perfect seeds for your arid climate. We carry the Baker Creek brand of heirloom seeds at Cactus Mart. The company is based on the ideals of preserving our agricultural and culinary heritage by offering rare seeds and the largest selection of seeds from the 19th century.

Demonstration Garden

A Joshua Tree and a variety of cacti in the demonstration garden

Come see our demonstration garden so that you can be inspired with ideas of what is possible around your yard today. The desert is a beautiful, but harsh environment. That doesn't mean we can't add to the beauty. Cactus Mart offers a wide variety of plants that are perfect for the desert landscape.

Native Plants

A bench of neatly arranged native plants

The best plants for the California desert are plants that grow wild in California! Native plants are an excellent source of food, pollen, and shelter for native wildlife to thrive. Cactus Mart has a large selection of desert native plants that will help support everything from bees to desert tortoises. Check and see what we have today!